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About Jerry

Growing up in a family of 8 my parents and 6 children I was the middle child among 4 girls and another boy which in it self was a challenge. We were just an average family, my father died when I was 4 and my mother remarried to a man who was an Air Force Recruiter. We moved about every four years. So I never really knew a city or town for very long. It was hard learning to start over every so often but that gave me the opportunity to learn to get connected quickly.

I left home when I was 15 our family did not have a silver spoon for me so I had to learn to survive early. I worked as many as three jobs while going to college, attending the University of Houston and several other colleges specializing in Conflict Resolution and negotiations. Positions held in my career, adjunct professor for the University of Houston, Mediator trainer for the Federal Government, Mediator for the Federal Government working with Home Land Security and the Department of Justice to name just a few.  I trainee the EEO Section of University of Massachusetts in Lowell, I have trained many Government organizations in Conflict Resolution which I am sure will help me in Washington where it seem Conflict is a daily occurrence.

Married for over 20 years, with two children a boy and a girl, Jessica my daughter  who is in the Army Reserve and Jess my son who is currently a Senior and is building his own American dream. Jess started his business at 17 and is growing it, and he has realized that working hard anyone can make their own success. I am a believer in the American Dream, I lived it and continue to see the successes, if only people will try. Jess doesn't have a college degree, and that has not stopped him from creating his own business.

My wife's name is Jennifer she currently works in the real estate industry.

My political interest date back to 1969 when I first voted for Richard Nixon. I have been active ever since.

I want to take back America from the Liberals, and restore what they have destroyed. I want God back in our Schools, and in our government. I want to take back from the liberals who want boys in girls bathrooms, take back from the welfare recipients that can work but won't, take back from the liberals the taxes they have piled on us, take back our Social Security they have stolen from us, take back the horrible way they have treated our veterans, take back our education system, take back our courts, take back our stance on Christianity, take back everything that is against America values of honesty, integrity, security and faith we once knew.

I as a Christian am willing to stand with GOD

to Make Our Country RIGHT Please Stand with me!


I would appreciate your vote

and please contribute anything you can

Early voting starts February 20, 2018

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