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My stance on the Issues I have listed below are my vow to the constituents of District 27.

Plan for Tax Reform

Plan to revamp Taxes


I will work to protect our boarders.


Protect the Constitution of the United States.


I believe in a strong military defense, and I will be a vocal advocate for the men and women who now serve in the Armed Forces.

More funding should be available to develop a missile defense system and to provide our Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, and Coast Guard with the most modern technology including weapon systems.

Homosexuality should be against military policy as was the law prior to Bill Clinton.

We should not be entangled in foreign wars merely at the whim and caprice of a President. .


I have a plan to create a national College where you could receive credit for your knowledge in any field, these credits could then be applied toward college degrees.

This would offer opportunities to put more people to work.

If you are smart, can study and can demonstrate your knowledge, why should you have to sped four years of your life to obtain a college diploma?  We've already seen that learning doesn't have to take place in a classroom.  Most colleges offer some type of online program - but they charge out the @#@@@ for it!

It is my intent to propose the creation of the National College of the United States - a virtual school.  Any U.S. citizen could enroll for a nominal fee (perhaps $100).  Once enrolled, students could receive credit for knowledge in any field by passing a test for a particular subject. Many colleges allow for the "testing out" of 20 -30 hours of credit  - then you pay for another 3 1/2 years to participate in classes either on line or in person - costing tens of thousands of dollars.

My proposal would allow for an unlimited number of classes and/or hours to be earned by simply taking a test.  All you have to do is demonstrate your competency.  Once you fulfill your degree plan - you graduate.   Testing would cost about $75 per class.  Fees could be waived if a student demonstrates a hardship. 

If you need to study for a class, books and videos would be available on line - free.

This would offer opportunities to put more people to work.

Many people just can't afford college I want to make it affordable for everyone. We can do this with out costing the tax payer another dime. 

My plan would use existing funds to implement this program.  Millions of dollars are being sent to existing colleges who after receiving funding just keep increasing tuition.  I would propose that these funds be used for the National College of the United States.

The National College will provide the United States with the ability to test, certify and graduate students that are ready for employment in industry.

The National College would give everyone the opportunity to earn a college degree regardless of their financial ability. 

The states should remain in full charge of all mandatory education for our children.  

Don't mix up the other school stuff with the National College.

Many people just can't afford college I want to make it affordable for everyone. We can do this with out costing the tax payer a dime. My plan uses existing funds to implement this program.

The federal government should not hamper the educational systems of the states as there is no authority for federal involvement under the Constitution. The control for education should be returned to the state and not the federal government.

Programs like "Common Core" should be eliminated, and the development of educational programs returned to the people under state authority.

Competition between the states and freedom of various educational structures should be available to parents who are charged with the responsibility to teach their children.

Charter schools, vouchers, tax credits, home schooling, Christian schools, and technical training should be encouraged.

Additional tax breaks for education when it is provided by an employer. We need to stop funding educational institutions unless they lower their tuition. The education system discriminates against the poor.

Foreign Affairs

America should serve as a good example to other nations.

We must treat sovereign nations as we would want to be treated and stand with allies to protect and preserve our national security.

Respect for our strength is the best defense. "Walk softly and carry a big stick" is and should be our guide.

We should not be subject to UN control and direction and should not rely on, or support, UN treaties like LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Such treaties only undermine our sovereignty as a nation, as does the very presence of the United Nations on our soil.

We must maintain a strong nuclear defense and not rely on nuclear reduction treaties which leave us vulnerable to foreign powers. We must remember that Israel is the United States' most important ally and partner in the Middle East and should reject agreements or policies that undermine Israel's security.

We should pass the Taylor Force Act and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.


As a husband, father, and grandfather, I know the importance of the future we leave to our posterity.

A strong family based on marriage between one man and one woman is and should remain our only guide and model. I oppose abortion, same-sex marriage, civil unions, and all other threats to the traditional family order.

Federal funding for Planned Parenthood or any form of abortion should be stopped.

We must remain a moral and virtuous people, "One Nation under God." I support freedom of worship and the recognition of that God upon Whom we have always relied in peace and war.


I know that the Constitution of the United States is the Supreme Law of the Land and all officials, state and federal, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial are bound thereby. All actions of state and federal officials must conform to the Constitution which should only be changed by amendments of the people, not decisions of activist judges. I support impeachment of judges and justices who knowingly and intentionally violate that principle.

Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, States' Rights, and our Bill of Rights are integral parts of the Constitution which we must observe.

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